WinPower 100 Opt-Up

If you prefer WinPower 100, the product option which includes 100% local renewable energy content, please complete the secure online form below. Be sure to use the name and address associated with the account. Your product choice will be changed on the next available meter read. 
PLEASE NOTE: This form should only be used if you are an existing WinPower Standard or WinPower Basic customer who would like to OPT UP to WinPower 100.
New customers may enroll here.

Federal Tax Deduction Available

The extra renewable energy included in WinPower 100 can be deducted if you itemize charitable deductions on your federal tax returns. See here for details.

Source of Renewable Energy

WinPower 100 purchases only MA Class I renewable energy through the Green Energy Consumers Alliance. This ensures you’re helping clean up our electricity grid, helping you avoid being greenwashed. Learn more about electricity sourcing and the impact you can make.

Show Your Support with a Lawn Sign!

For those interested, we have free lawn signs available for those that have opted up to WinPower 100. Contact Winchester’s Energy & Recycling Outreach Coordinator for your free sign (see example).

Located below the account number on your Eversource bill (usually the first four letters of the last name associated with the residential account, or first four letters of the commercial account name).

Please note: If you have a supplier block on your Eversource account the supplier will not be able to enroll you in WinPower. To check if you have a block and/or to remove a block please contact Eversource at (800) 592-2000.

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