Customer Support

Change to Your Participation

To enroll in the WinPower program, use the Enroll/Change form and choose the product that best suits your budget and climate goals. 

To change your electricity supply product, use the Enroll/Change form. There is no penalty, ever, to change from one product to another within the program.

To leave the WinPower program, complete the Opt-Out form. This will return your electricity supply to Eversource Basic Service on the next available meter read.

Questions & Support

If you have questions about your participation, contact the electricity supplier, Dynegy, directly at (866) 220-5696, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST (excluding holidays) or by email

Comments & Suggestions

Comments and suggestions about the program, please submit the contact form below. 

For those requesting lawn signs or bumper stickers, we will share your name and email with the coordinator in charge of distribution.
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