Sign up for 100% Renewables

PLEASE NOTE: This form should only be used if you are an existing WinPower Standard or WinPower Basic customer who would like to OPT UP to WinPower 100. New customers may enroll here.
In order to determine if you are currently in the WinPower program, look on your bill for the Supply charge.  Your supplier should be listed as Dynegy.

Be sure to use the name and service address associated with your electricity account. If the program supplier is unable to find your account in the system (i.e., you are not a current program participant), they may reach out to you by email or phone.

Federal Tax Deduction Available

The extra renewable energy included in WinPower 100 can be deducted if you itemize charitable deductions on your federal tax returns. See here for details.

Located below the account number on your Eversource bill (usually the first four letters of the last name associated with the residential account, or first four letters of the commercial account name).
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