WinPower is our City’s electricity supply program launched in 2017. The Program provides new electricity supply options and more renewable energy to our residents and businesses. If you receive a letter from the Program, you are likely a newly eligible customer. The Town is excited for you to join! Please contact us if you have any questions.

At a time when energy rates are skyrocketing around the world, WinPower provides program participants in Winchester with stable, fixed rates that will not change for the duration of the term, December 2022 – December 2024. Savings cannot be guaranteed because future Eversource Basic Service rates are unknown.

WinPower is offered by the town of Winchester to provide more electricity supply options and more renewable energy to Winchester residents and businesses. WinPower doesn’t replace Eversource, the electric utility serving Winchester, as Eversource will continue to deliver electricity, repair outages and manage all electricity billing.

WinPower is the only electricity program offered by our town. Beware of look-alike offers and always look for the town seal on materials sent to you!

WinPower Electricity Products

December 2022 to December 2024

WinPower’s default option, WinPower Standard, has 20% more renewable electricity than required by law. Most participants in the Program receive WinPower Standard unless they affirmatively choose one of the other electricity options.

WinPower Program Eversource
Basic Service
WinPower Standard WinPower
Rates 15.671 ¢/kWh 16.611 ¢/kWh 14.931 ¢/kWh 16.078 ¢/kWh
Fixed rate for 24 months
Extra renewables from New England
100% renewable energy
Renewable Energy Includes 20% more Renewable Energy Certificates
(MA Class I RECs),
than required by Commonwealth
Adds voluntary renewable energy
(MA Class I RECs) to total 100% renewable energy
Meets renewable
energy standards
Meets renewable
energy standards
Duration December 2022 - December 2024 July - December 2023

Future savings compared to Eversource Basic Service cannot be guaranteed because Basic Service prices change every six months for residential and commercial customers and every three months for industrial customers.

Watch the WinPower video below and consider signing up for WinPower 100!

WinPower 100 includes 100% renewable energy. Your participation in WinPower 100 supports the growth of regional renewable energy infrastructure in Massachusetts while reducing carbon pollution associated with power generation, the single largest human source of carbon emissions.

Sign up for WinPower 100 to get your renewable energy!

Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are available to show your support for our 100% renewable energy option, WinPower 100. Reach out to Winchester’s Energy & Recycling Outreach Coordinator for your free sign.

WinPower Performance

In July of 2017, the town of Winchester launched WinPower. First and foremost, WinPower promised to provide price stability when compared to Eversource Basic Service rates. This stability has resulted in an amazing 85% participation rate. WinPower also hoped to generate savings for residents. The Program has performed very well so far, however, future savings cannot be guaranteed because future Basic Service are unknown. Best of all, we accomplished this while including more new regional renewable energy in your electricity than Basic Service!

Eversource Residential rate is unkown beyond December 2023. WinPower rates remain fixed through December 2024.

How It Works

Most residents and businesses in Winchester already participate in the WinPower Program. Check your electricity bill to see if you’re one of them. The supplier should be listed as WinPower – Direct Energy. If Eversource is still listed as your supplier, you may complete the enrollment form to sign up for the best WinPower product option for you. If a different supplier is listed, contact that supplier to ensure there are no penalties or termination fees for leaving that supplier before you join the WinPower.

Participation in the WinPower Program is voluntary. You can leave the Program at any time without any associated fees or penalties.

The Program will periodically send Customer Notification letters to new or newly eligible electricity customers, which includes program details, information about product prices, and renewable energy certificates (RECs). Customers who receive this letter that do not opt out will be automatically enrolled. To enroll sooner, use our online forms.

Questions & Support

Have questions or need help? Please visit the support page, which contains contact information for the current program supplier and a form for comments.