WinPower: Winchester’s community electricity program

WinPower is the Town of Winchester’s program to provide more electricity supply options and more renewable electricity to Winchester residents and businesses. With WinPower, Eversource continues to deliver electricity and manage all electricity billing. The only change is the source and cost of electricity supply, chosen by the Town of Winchester.

WinPower Electricity Products

WinPower has a default option, called WinPower Standard, which has 10% more renewable electricity than required by state law. Most participants in the program receive WinPower Standard unless they affirmatively choose one of the other electricity options.

WinPower Standard (Default)

10% renewable electricity in addition to state standards

WinPower 100

100% renewable electricity in addition to state standards

Winchester Basic

Meets state renewable electricity standards

WinPower program products are in effect from January 2020 to December 2022.

Please note: Prices for all products in the WinPower program include a $0.001 /kWh administration fee. Program prices could increase as a result of a change in law that results in a direct, material increase in costs during the term of the electricity supply agreement. Program prices apply only to the electricity supply portion of your Eversource electric bill. Delivery charges on your Eversource electric bill are not affected by the BGE program.

Eversource Basic Service Rates

Residential: $0.11882 /kWh (January – June 2021)
Commercial: $0.11173/kWh (January – June 2021)
Industrial: $0.11423/kWh NEMA (January – March 2021)
Renewable Electricity: Meets only the state minimum standards. Read more about the clean energy standards in Massachusetts. 

Eversource’s fixed Basic Service rates change every six months for residential and commercial accounts and every three months industrial accounts. Future savings compared to Eversource Basic Service cannot be guaranteed because future Basic Service prices change every six months for residential and commercial customers and every three months for industrial customers.

Sign up for WinPower 100!

WinPower 100 includes 100% local renewable electricity. WinPower 100 helps support and grow clean energy infrastructure in the Commonwealth while massively reducing carbon emissions associated with power generation, the single largest human source of such emissions.

If you’re not a WinPower 100 customer yet, make the switch with our online sign up form here. It only takes three minutes to make this simple switch.

Click here to read how RECs work to clean New England’s grid

Lawn signs now available for our 100% clean energy option, WinPower 100. Reach out to Winchester’s Energy & Recycling Outreach Coordinator for your free sign.

WinPower Performance

In July of 2017, the Town of Winchester launched WinPower. First and foremost, WinPower promised to provide price stability when compared to Eversource Basic Service rates. This stability has resulted in an amazing 85% participation rate. WinPower also hoped to generate savings for residents. The program has performed very well so far, however, future savings cannot be guaranteed because future Basic Service are unknown. Best of all, we accomplished this all while including more local renewable energy in our electricity than Basic Service!