Enroll in WinPower

Use this form to join the WinPower Program or to change your option within the WinPower Program.

Note, if you are currently a customer of a competitive supplier, you may be subject to penalties or early termination fees from your supplier if you join the WinPower Program during the term of your contract.

There is no charge for leaving Basic Service, however, industrial customers leaving fixed-price Basic Service may receive a billing adjustment that may be a credit or a charge.

Federal Tax Deduction Available

The extra renewable energy included in WinPower 100 can be deducted if you itemize charitable deductions on your federal tax returns. See here for details.

Located below the account number on your Eversource bill (usually the first four letters of the last name associated with the residential account, or first four letters of the commercial account name).

Please note: If you have a supplier block on your Eversource account the supplier will not be able to enroll you in WinPower. To check if you have a block and/or to remove a block please contact Eversource at (800) 592-2000.

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