Program Details

How the WinPower Program Works

  • All eligible Winchester Eversource ratepayers began receiving a notification letter detailing the program in June 2017. Letters included a mail-in opt-out letter.
  • Eversource Basic ratepayers were automatically enrolled 30 days after notification unless they chose to opt out of the program in advance.
  • Once enrolled, Winchester residents may leave the program with no penalty at any time. They will automatically be returned to Eversource Basic Service supply unless you have specified another electricity supplier that you wish to switch to. Please be sure to  check all contract details and the stability of rates of a third party supplier before switching. WinPower will not change its rate without notifying all participating residents.
  • If you were not an Eversource Basic Service customer at the time the program launched, you may opt into the program at any time by calling Dynegy at (866) 220-5696. Please check with your current supplier to see if you are in a contract that has a penalty for switching.
  • If you are not already participating in the WinPower program, you can use the secure online form (here) to enroll in one of the WinPower options. Please note that new accounts in Winchester will be automatically enrolled every few months.You can speed up this process by filling out the enrollment form yourself.
  • You may opt up to WinPower 100, or conversely opt to WinPower at any time.

Outreach for WinPower

  • The program website,, has program information, current rates, and answers to an extensive list of frequently asked questions.
  • At launch, all eligible Winchester ratepayers will have received a notification letter as of June 1, 2017.
  • Additional information may be included in municipal water/sewer bills.
  • Brochures are available at Town Hall, the library, and DPW.
  • Look for us at Town Day each year with information and people to answer questions about the program at the Sustainable Winchester and Selectboard booths.
  • Public information and Q&A sessions discussing the program were held on Monday, June 5th, 2017 and February 12th, 2018 at the Jenks Senior Center. Additional sessions will be held when there is new information to be shared, such as Eversource rate changes.